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We know that you are a demanding owner, that is why you are visiting us. Since 1972 we carry out comprehensive rental management in Barcelona.

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Where do we carry out Rental Management in Barcelona?

We carry out rental management in all the provinces of Cataluña, mainly en Girona, Barcelona y Tarragona

Rental management in Barcelona

The main districts where iSol Business works on real estate property management in Barcelona

  • Ciutat Vella
  • Eixample
  • Sant-Montjuïc
  • Les Corts
  • Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
  • Gràcia
  • Horta – Guinardó
  • Nou Barris
  • Sant Andreu
  • Sant Martí

Main neighborhoods where there is a greater rental offer in Barcelona

  • Sant Gervasi – Galvany, Sarrià
  • Le Dreta de I’Eixample, Eixample
  • El Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • Sant Pere – SantaCaterina i la Ribera
  • El Putxet i el Farró
  • El Gòtic, Ciutat Vella

For owners like…

Observe for the type of clients we work with

Barcelona Owners

You have bought a flat in Barcelona with your savings or you have inherited it, and you want to have some extra income by renting out your property.

Family Office in Barcelona

You are part of a family estate in Barcelona, and your objective is to centralize the integral management of rentals in a professional

Investment funds in Barcelona

Aimed at both Assets Managers and investment funds that have an intrinsic need for a Property Manager in Barcelona

If you fall into one of these categories, this information is for you.

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Information of interest for rentals in Barcelona

Common typology in Barcelona

1-2 bedroom apartment.

Average area in Barcelona

62 m2

Average rent in Barcelona

1.200 €/month

Average management cost in Barcelona

45,00 €/month

The best advice for owners who want to rent an apartment in Barcelona

  • More than 50% of the rentals in Barcelona meet a common characteristic, they are usually apartments with and 2 bedrooms, with starting rents between €900 and €1,200/month.
  • The best areas to invest in Barcelona are Horta - Guinardó, El Raval, La Barceloneta, Poblenou, Zona Universitaria
  • The best date to be able to rent your residential estate in Barcelona is from September to December and then from February to May, and with good rental management from iSol Business, you will be able to stop worrying

The best tips for tenants who want to rent an apartment in Barcelona

  • Despite the fact that our tenants usually settle as their habitual residence, you can always enjoy Barcelona since it enjoys a great tourist attraction in the center. In addition, you can go to the nearest beaches of the Costa Brava, such as Cala Sa Boadella, in Lloret de Mar, or to visit historic towns, such as Sitges.
  • Also, if you feel like it, you can organize a longer trip to the Pyrenees, where you can see the incredible towns, such as Castellar de n'Hug or Camprodón, located just over 130 km away.
  • Barcelona-El Prat airport, located to the southwest of the city, allows easy access for cars to the city of Barcelona, where most of the apartments we manage are located.
  • It is a town with a high consistency of motorcycle circulation and with several bike lanes through which more and more new forms of transport, such as electric scooters, travel.
  • If you rent one of our flats to live in Barcelona, you should not miss the typical Barcelona festivals, such as La Mercé, Santa Jordi or La Gracia festivals.
  • More than 50% of the rentals in Barcelona have a common characteristic, they are usually apartments with and 2



Types of properties that we manage in Barcelona

We not only manage residential properties, but also

During the 50 years of existence of iSol Business we have evolved with our clients. We started managing single apartments for private owners, and now we manage any type within the traditional rental

edificio residencial

Residential buildings in Barcelona

centro comercial

Shopping centers in Barcelona

edificio oficinas

Office buildings in Barcelona

porfolio inmuebles

Premises and offices in Barcelona

activos singulares

Unique properties in Barcelona

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Frequently asked questions about property management in Barcelona

Why choose iSol Business?

At iSol Business we have the best property managers. We put at your disposal a professional and prepared service, since we have experts in the most important cities. If you are looking for a rental administrator for your properties, call us and we will put at your service all the guarantees of a leading company in integral administration. Your comfort is our mission! and since 1972 😉

At iSol Business we manage more than a thousand properties nationwide and more properties in this sector join our ranks every day. Our property managers offer you all their know-how and experience with the best possible attention.

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