79% of Property Owners Never Analyze And Admit Having No Control Over their Accounting for their Real Estate Investments.

The return on your Properrty´s equity is directly dependent on your ability to analyze the asset´s operating data.

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If you are a….

Family Office

Your &/or your family’s real estate assets in Spain are organized in a family environment and you need to keep track of the operation and management of the rents.

Investment Fund (REIT /SOCIMI)

You have a large amount of assets for lease in Spain, through your REIT (SOCIMI), investment fund or through your role as asset manager.

Large Real Estate Holding Company

You are part of what is known as a “Large Real Estate Holding” in Spain, and you wish to have a professional team to keep the accounting of the rentals.

this information is for you…


If you are reading this, it is likely that your company or family has a leased estate, you have some rigorous accounting and you may even have an in-house integrated management team. All with the goal of having better control over your assets.

95.9% of large landlords confirm that they have analyzed having their own management team or outsourced with an external professional company.
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The key is to deploy all the knowledge in Rental Accounting, combining experience, freshness and automation.

However, when the time comes to bring this concept down to earth, people turn to “old recipes” that do not work in the new global world.

Often, managers need the data clear, concise and fast.

contabilidad alquileres

More than 50% of the landlords confirmed that they kept their accounts on basic spreadsheets.

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Automating accounting processes will allow you to grow and analyze data much more frequently and seamlessly.

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It is important to have a senior and experienced team at accounting level and related to the Spanish Real Estate Market.


Accounting for Real Estate Investments

Our comprehensive accounting software for rental real estate assets, deploys the necessary human and technological resources to keep the accounting of rental property, starting with the accounting in the room rental operation, office or housing rental, and strengthens the integrated management of your real estate assets in Spain.

automatizacion control de gastos contabilidad

Expense control automation

gestion presupuestos edficio

Periodic budget management

reporting contabilidad alquileres patrimoniogracion con contabilidad inmobiliaria

Systematic and customized reporting

integracion con contabilidad inmobiliaria

100% integrated and without interference

Roberto Durand

Asset Manager

“The biggest problem we had as a lanlord located in France was to find a property manager in Spain, which would give us coverage throughout Spain, taking care of Rents Collection, Technical Management, Accounting, while having local experience and being close to us. We were recommended to iSol Business, and the truth is that we are very satisfied. “

The ingredients that make our Accounting Management for Rental Real Estate Investments UNIQUE are:

Often, we find that many landlords, especially when self-managing, have the misconception that accounting for a real estate asset is a mere deployment of time and spreadsheets. That approach often overlooks the most important thing, the long-term inquiries and needs.

Our accounting management projects are customized and adapted to the needs of each owner.  Also in our iSol Magazine you can see the information that we publish on the subject.


proyecto contabilidad inmobiliaria

Projects customized to fit the needs of each property owner

reporting contabilidad alquileres

Agile, periodic and customizable reporting

100% integration with the Property Management service

gestion presupuestos sociedad patrimonial

Budgetary management, cash forecasting

monitorizacion de gastos contabilidad alquileres

Monitoring of operating expenses

50 años experiencia contabilidad alquileres

50 years of experience managing property

But this is just a leg of the table…

More than 1,400 owners have already relied on iSol Business to manage their real estate assets.

How do we do it?

The Accounting Management service for owners, was born in 1995, as a result of the necessity of a client structured around a real estate company.
We believe it is important that we previously manage the real estate assets (apartments, houses, buildings…), that is to say, we become the Owner´s Property Manager. So, by having access to the control of all the income and expenses derived from the letting, we are able to keep the accounting of our clients, as they say “al centimo” (to the penny).

Think of the possibilities …

Once we manage the owner’s assets, we take the next step with bookkeeping, thus creating a comprehensive management ecosystem for each landlord, which allows them to have the peace of mind of being professionally managed.

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isol business opiniones


I highly recommend iSol Business, because it brings a lot of value. Also I am not a easy owner, nor my estate either, but the attention to detail they have provided seems very professional to me, and makes it much easier than it looks. I could do it all myself, but it would be much more expensive and time consuming to find out on the internet. Highly recommended (5 stars)

Frequently Asked Questions Rental Accounting

Could I hire only Accounting Management services for my assets?

Are there any special requirements for you to be able to do the accounting for my real estate company?

Francisco Fernandez Cintrano


CEO at iSol Business

“It gives me special professional satisfaction to see how second and third generations of client families continue to work with us, managing their estates and watching their wealth grow.”

“I have been involved in hundreds of management projects, and the common feature that fails in accounting management is an attempt at self-management in a homemade way, whether they are family office or REIT (SOCIMIS). We know that having your own team is expensive, but if you want to save on cost, it is better to have a company like iSol.”

Your future only depends on you, you are only one step away 😉

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