If the rental property that you are about to build lacks good management and governance.

Then it will be difficult to meet the highly demanding business plan that Build to Rent Property Developers have.


Lease management for Build to Rent in Spain

We transfer all the experience acquired in estate management in Spain through our Property Management service to Developers and Investment Funds to provide solutions for their new Build To Rent business models. Having a manager that solves everything is priceless.

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Would you invest 1.000 € in a stable company with an unstable return? Of course not!

So, why do we have to take care of tenants? If they pay in time and remain for a long time, so much the better, right?

Do you know what they call their customers in MERCADONA (what tenants would be for us)? The BOSS, that´s right, and it seems to work for them, they take care of them to the maximum so that their “user experience” is as high as possible, and that will be reflected in more time with us and lower non-payment rate.

In a world where you have learned to consistently earn income through real estate development, making room for income through Built To Rent may seem like a no-brainer. BUT IT IS NOT. If you are not able to take care of who is going to generate that income for you in the medium – long term, they´ll tell you …


“The greatest added value of a thorough Property Management is the attention to tenants, based on our experience, agile response and problem solving, which are the most critical points.”
Francisco Javier Fernández
CEO at iSol

Tell me if this sounds familiar?

Before starting a Build to Rent real estate development project, you surely had previous experience with renting.

Complying with the Business Plan is not easy, and management multiplies x1000 the number of variables that can affect your Excel.

And what´s even worse!

They have caused you to suffer from a phenomenon known as “paralysis by analysis”, because you don’t know where this deviation in the calculations is coming from.

You must UNIFY

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95% of self-managing landlords only spend 10% of their time with their tenants, the rest on their excel (cnn.com)

The build to rent manager must provide the best experience during the renting process

The key to achieving this is to deploy a highly experienced, and very agile team.

ONLY a 5,5%

According to a study conducted in iSol Business, of all the interactions between tenant and iSol, only 5.5% (the important ones) reach the Property. Study conducted on 80 properties, 6350 communications per year.

Don´t Self-Manage

A client of ours who took the decision to self-manage, told us that he went from spending 100% of his time raising capital and looking for opportunities, even created an in-house management team; however his available time was reduced by half, so what happened? He went back to iSol

= Profitability, + Time

If you are thinking of creating an in-house management team to save costs in your business plan, you could be wrong! According to our study, it is only worth considering having an in-house management team for properties with more than 800/1,000 rental units.



Our comprehensive rental management program for developers and investment funds entering the world of Build To Rent. Optimize your time as a landlord, guarantee the satisfaction of your tenants, monitor the compliance of their contracts, and strengthen your assets with a solid management team like iSol.

Some of our clients

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Propietario de 4 edificios y 3 locales comerciales

“Francisco and his team do an impeccable job, they keep up to date and to the penny all incidents of each of our homes. So besides the incredible management, they have being trustworthy from the beginning”.

Ingredients that make our build to rent management unique

There is often a misconception that when you outsource your property management, you often lose some control over your assets. That approach often overlooks the most important thing: the amount of time consumed by each tenant.

Our property management approach for any client with substantial assets, are customized projects developed from scratch: A unique way in which iSol empathizes with the Landlord and understand their goals, and adapt our management approach to the client´s needs.

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We listen first and then adapt our management to the needs of each property owner.

gestion monitorizada


We monitor in our system from the contract, up to the incidents

feedback periodico


We set up a schedule of periodic dates with the Landlord to provide feedback.

«Be specific enough to be credible and universal enough to be relevant.”

Ann Handley
Writter & Speaker


Click on the REQUEST QUOTE button and complete the form.
The implementation of Property management processes for our clients is personalized. For this reason, we need to know your objectives and the particularities of your assets.

Let´s organize a strategy call or a 15-minute meeting.
In a first meeting, we will analyze more in depth your estate’s needs and income expectations. It is necessary that a decision-maker within your company participates in this first meeting. With this, you will receive a quotation.

Click on the REQUEST QUOTE button and complete the form.
The implementation of Property management processes for our clients is personalized. For this reason, we need to know your objectives and the particularities of your assets.


But first, make sure that our BUILD TO RENT Management solution is suitable for your property.

Nuestra metodología de gestión ha generado excelentes resultados con nuestros clientes con diversas tipologías de patrimonio.

Ahora bien, sólo colaboramos con propietarios que quieren que cuidemos su patrimonio como si fuera nuestro

Por favor, antes de consultar nuestro servicio, verifica que tu negocio cumple con un mínimo de 2 de estas 3 características:

Our management methodology has generated excellent results with our clients with different types of assets.

However, we only work with owners who want us to take care of their assets as if they were our own.

Before consulting our service, please verify that your business meets a minimum of 2 of these 3 requirements:

You want to ensure the highest probability of success in Property management; so you want to have an experienced professional team.

You have the will to continue making decisions, and at least you have one person in your team to be the main contact with us.

At some point you have considered self-management, but the number of issues you found led you to have it managed by an experienced company..

Build to Rent Management Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ´s)

Since the construction time of a development can be extended, when is it advisable to plan the rent management?

Since the moment we acquire the land, when estimating the income, we should be informed of the rental prices that we are going to ask for, in order to make a valuation. After that, there is enough time to plan the management strategy.

If the projects include commercial (retail) space, should the Property Manager also be in charge of their management?

All the build to rent projects that we are going to build are under a separate company from the usual one. Could you manage the holding company?

Do you keep the balance sheet for the property’s operation?

Do you keep the buiding´s or condominium´s Doormen payrolls, for example?

Do you also do the technical (construction) management of the buildings?

VAT filing as well?

Is the rental income received by you or by us as owners?

The project we are building has a garden and swimming pool. Do you also take care of the maintenance and operation management?

What is Build to Rent?

Francisco Fernandez Cintrano


CEO at iSol Business

«We ourselves were already doing Build To Rent with our clients, when it was not even talked about. Working together for more than 30 years is the key to exploring new paths. The result is a 4.2 point increase in profitability.»

During my career, I have participated and led multiple property management projects. I have witnessed major fiascos and resounding successes.

Your future only depends on you, you are only one step away 😉

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