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Tax filing for Landlords

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Who looks at our Tax Management Service

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Rental Holding Companies

As a structured organization in Spain, it is required to file specific taxes for Limited Companies.

Owners of Shopping Centers, Retail Space and Offices

All owners of tertiary use assets must pay VAT and, consequently, declare it, in addition to other taxes common to other economic segments.

propietario sociedad patrimonial
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Owners NOT Residing in Spain

If your tax residence is outside Spain, you will know that there is an IRNR, both for residents in the European Union and outside of it.



The BEST owners can’t go wrong

There are already more than 1,000 owners who have decided to avoid with iSol Business, to continue searching on the internet “how to file the tax in Spain…”.


they have avoided having 3 or 4 managers, centralizing it in a single agency as iSol Business, which avoids human error in communication, data interpretation and a more agile process.



Our tax compliance program, designed for our clients. It monitors the tax status of each owner, and schedules the filing of each of the taxes due, and reinforces the integration of the wealth management, with a team specialized in property management in Spain.

What makes iSol’s Tax Management Services Different?

  • landlords are confident about their tax compliance with official agencies
  • tax advice according to each asset ownership structure, in each case
  • monitoring of the filing of each tax returns
  • Integration and unification of managers into a single one specialized in the Real Estate sector.

This is the crucial step to ensure that your assets are well organized.

Isabel Ahumada

Manager of a family-owned holding company

“It is difficult to sum it up, but the peace of mind I have with having all my property centralized with Francisco at iSol Business is incredible. They manage everything from rentals, accounting and help me with the rental tax return in Madrid, Chapeu! It allows me to leave everything organized for the next generations, and everything goes smoothly.”

What are the most common Tax typologies that we present?

Although we take care of any taxes each of our clients may be obliged to pay, we present you the most common taxes in Spain that we usually file.

Tax filing forms 303 y 390

presentacion modelo 303

VAT forms 303 and 390.

If your property in Spain generates VAT income, mainly retails spaces, offices… this is one of the taxes you have to pay.

Frequency: Quarterly & Annual

Tax filing form 347

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Form 347. Transactions with third parties

If you had transactions with suppliers, customers or tenants in excess of 3,004.06 €, you must file the 347 form

Frequency: Annual

Tax filing form 349

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Form 349. Intra-Community Transactions

If you are self-employed or a holding company, you will have to file a intracommunity transactions, that is to say, in another state within the European Union.

Frequency: Monthly, Bi-monthly, or Quarterly

Tax filing forms 111 & 190

presentacion modelo 111

Forms 111 and 190. Withholdings

If you are self-employed or a company, it is possible that you pay withholdings on invoices. If you do, you have to report it in the 111 and 190 forms.

Frequency: Quarterly & Annual

Tax filing forms 115 & 180

presentacion modelo 115

Tax Withholdings and income from rents

If you earn income from rents and you are a limited company

Frequency: Monthly, Quarterly & Annual

Tax filing forms 216 & 296

presentacion modelo 216

Forms 216 and 296. IRNR, Non-Resident Income Tax

If you obtain rental income in Spain and you reside outside Spain, you must file the IRNR.

Frequency: Quarterly & Annual

Tax filing form 200

presentacion modelo 200

Form 200. Corporate Income Tax

If your real estate property is organized around an asset-holding company, nothing more needs to be said.

Frecuency: Annual

Tax filing form 202

presentacion 202

Model 202. Fractioning 200

It is a way of bringing forward part of the Model 200 Corporate Income Tax Return in Spain.

Frecuency: Apr., Oct. y Dec.

Tax filing forms IAE

presentacion iae

Business Activities Tax

Obviously aimed at self-employed and corporations operating in Spain.

Frecuency: Annual

… and much MORE

We analyze each case

Each owner is like coffee, no two are alike, so we analyze each tax structure to meet the tax obligations of each client.

At the fiscal level we adapt to the needs of each client as you have been able to perceive, tell us your case, and we will indicate you our


pedro schmidt opiniones isol business

Although there was some initial complication in the commercialization, it was resolved quickly and then the whole process of payments, rent collection and tax management, great, 100% recommendable for any owner.

Pedro Schmidt

Owner and Resident in Germany

Tax Filing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ´s)

Can you handle only the taxes of my asset-holding company in Spain?

Do you receive and/or reply to letters from the Spanish Tax Authorities or other agencies in Spain?

How much rent tax do I have to pay?

Francisco Fernandez Cintrano


CEO at iSol Business

“It’s a huge satisfaction when an owner tells us how calm he is with us, it must be for a good reason.”

The common denominator failure in tax management is the absence of knowledge, focusing only on one aspect and neglecting other important aspects. Tax is not a cooking recipe that you can apply no matter who sits at the table, which is none other than the Tax Authorities (IRS).

Your future only depends on you, you are only one step away 😉

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