The future is today_

At iSol Business, as people who live in this world, we are determined to change it for the better.

To do this, you have to dare and start with a new question:

Why not?

Why not do more than just management?

In 1972 we created Grupo Inmobiliaria Sol, today iSol Business: a company specializing in the management of real estate assets inspired by sole proprietors where they want it to be managed exquisitely.

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Like any company that wants to change the world, we have a person dedicated body and soul to making this vision a reality: Francisco Fernández Cintrano, CEO and founder of iSol Business together with his father and brother Víctor Fernández Cintrano, current CEO of Room Mate Hotels.

Dare to be different, let’s change the world!


That makes us different?

Trabajamos por y para las personas.
Nacimos para escucharte, tú construyes iSol Business


We generate and offer unique values ​​in each project we start. Today, we show this magic in our day to day asset management, tomorrow? Who knows. Where there is an opportunity to improve the management of owners’ assets, iSol Business will be there.


At iSol Business we constantly imagine what our ideal management would be like in each process. Our spirit of improvement is born from that observation, a state of permanent alertness that helps us build a better world. We were born to listen to you, you build iSol Business.

servicios de gestion de alquileres isol

Unlimited services

At iSol Business we do not limit ourselves to daily management, but we go one step further to centralize the management of your properties.

gestor de alquileres isol

Your constant manager

In iSol Business you will have 2 personalized managers, and a project manager, to always provide coverage.


We are moved by the world around us. We find in experience, technology, and closeness those notes of life that give meaning to our management and experiences.

ceo isol business lider

A top-tier CEO

A top-level team, inspired by Francisco Javier Fernández, shape our management.


We believe in useful innovation, that which has a direct impact on the real needs of people. That is why iSol Business is always present where the most relevant technologies are shown, presenting ideas that have an impact for the optimization of management on a constant basis.


He does not exist

Francisco Javier Fernández

Husband. Dad. Global businessman. Tireless worker.

Leader at home… and outside of it. Founder and CEO of iSol Business.

francisco CEO iSol Business

La disciplina del día a día,
aplicada a los negocios

Francisco Fernandez Cintrano

ceo isol business

From the age of 16 he joined Grupo Inmobiliaria Sol, together with his father.

Today, CEO and leader of iSol Business, he is a benchmark in real estate asset management in Spain .

Valued by the owners as a close, resolute and exceptional person.

Capable of working with an entire team to manage from one flat to a property company with more than 1,000 properties.

Javier Fernández Mingueza

javier fernandez mingueza

Son of Francisco and natural leader in iSol Business. It’s the third generation ¡wow!

Javier’s vision has been key in adapting companies to the constant change demanded by owners.

Any bit of technology that can be seen has been Javier’s idea. Current Director of Business Development.

Architect by profession since 2012, leader and entrepreneur at heart.

La historia de un
hombre de negocios

Francisco was awarded as Consultant specialized in Property Management within the most influential real estate businessmen contest in Spain, having previously received the title given by Cesine and Metro2.

To get here, he had to take a big leap from youth. His father Francisco founded in 1972 a concept of wealth management aimed at private owners, later he incorporated his son, Francisco Fernández (current CEO). After beginning his professional studies, Francisco joined Inmobiliaria Sol at the same time when he was only 17 years old. And with only 30 years, Francisco takes over the entire business.

Since then he has led what is now iSol Business, the most experienced real estate asset manager in Spain, with an exceptional and highly professional team, aimed at owners in all categories.

Aprender fuera,
ejecutar dentro

At iSol we take care of sustainability in our processes.

You have been able to see us in…

El futuro
es hoy

It was never a business issue. It was always the people. That is why Francisco’s great challenge is to maintain the philosophy and values ​​of iSol Business always and in everything we do. We wouldn’t know how to do it any other way.

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relax, think blank and let everything flow as it should_