facility management

Facility Management, services outside the building

We know the impact of services outside the building, so it is important to guarantee optimal operation with the minimum possible investment, with services outside the property.

Outsource indirect services to the business model

iSol Facility Management allows you to free up resources

We jointly design the strategy of services necessary for the operation, compliance with regulations and the well-being of the property and users. iSol Business with the Facility Management services has the objective that the Property can dedicate 100% to obtaining the performance of the asset. These are mainly the most common services:

isol property management


The basis of well-being at work is cleanliness


Green common areas in the hands of professional gardeners


Concierge, security guard, etc …

Servicios auxiliares

Receptionist, Access control, Internal logistics, Secretary, …

Mantenimiento edificios

Maintenance and repair of buildings


Services outside the client’s business environment

Measure the impact of the necessary resources –Facility Management

With the confidence of iSol Business, the Facility Management contracting model goes through total, medium or partial contracting, and coordinate it for a single management.

Efforts focused on making assets profitable

iSol Business strives with its clients so that they do not worry about those external services of their buildings and can focus their interest on their business, with our Facility Management area.

Global services for particular needs

iSol Business adapts its building facility management services

It is about looking for services that add value to the building, the property and its users, for which companies can count on the trust of a highly qualified human team and a company with more than 40 years of experience. Facility management expenses can reach up to 30%, but if managed correctly, they should be reduced by 20%, generating a positive impact on the income statement.

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